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Various studies have shown that in smaller dosages and according to type, Kratom:
A. Boosts stimulation
B. Increases concentration
C. Increases relaxation
D. Reduces stress symptoms
E. Improves sleep quality
F. Increases productivity and improves life quality as a result

In slightly larger dosages it may help dealing with insomnia and psychological conditions such as depression, as it reduces anxiety. It also acts as a painkiller. Kratom is not an addictive substance if consumed cautiously.

In modern society, people struggle with depression and stress caused by a lifestyle of increasing time pressure, economic pressure and liabilities. Combined with meditation and exercise, kratom can help dealing naturally and very effectively with various forms of anxiety and depression.

Kratom is a tree that grows in Southeast Asia, the Philippines and New Guinea. Its leaves are collected and after they are dried, they are turned into powder. Αccording to the process of each cultivar, it gets its name and its special characteristics. There is recorded information about Kratom since the 19th century. The first users chewed the leaves directly to withstand the harsh working conditions of the time. It was one of the basic herbs for diarrhea, joint pain, and a weapon against addictions. Kratom consists mainly of two alkaloids: mitraginine and 7-hydroxymitraginine. These give it its characteristic nature. 

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200g Kalimantan SpeedBall
200g Kalimantan SpeedBall

200g Kalimantan SpeedBall

Red kratom buy
Red kratom buy

100g Red Kalimantan

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white powder kratom buy

100g White Kalimantan

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50g Green Kalimantan

50g Green Kalimantan


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  • High in Antioxidants
  • Enhances Calm
  • Boosts Memory and Concentration
  • Increases Energy Levels 
  • Detoxifies the Body
  • Fortifies the Immune System


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kratom gelly bites recipe

Some people do not like the taste of kratom. However, the health benefits can be acquired by the consumption of either kratom capsules or small gelly bites that can be swallowed whole. We present an easy recipe how to prepare the gelly bites:
1. Half a glass of hot water, 2. One scoop of kratom, 3. One teaspoon of plant based gelatin, 4. Two teaspoons of powder sugar, 5. Three teaspoons of cinnamon powder.
Dissolve the gelatin in the hot water, then add the kratom powder and mix very well. Pour the mixture in a small bowl and place it in the fridge for two hours. After the mixture is hard, use a teaspoon to cut it in small bites, not larger than 2 cm long. Dip the spoon in hot water regularily to prevent the hard mixture from sticking on it. Mix 2 teaspoons of powder sugar with two teaspoons of cinnamon powder in a separate bowl and place the bites inside the bowl. Shake gently the kratom bites with the powder mixture and make sure that all their sides are covered with the mixture. Your soft gelly bites are ready. You can swallow them easily while drinking a cup of tea, without having to tolerate the smell or taste of kratom if you don't like it!


Kratom can be divided into three main types:
A. Red is ideal for chronic pain. Its pain-relieving action is similar to the strongest pain relievers. It is also used to fight against insomnia. As an anti-anxiety drug, it is very promising as well as a weapon in the war against addictions.
B. White Kratom, in contrast to red, has a stimulant effect. It helps concentration, gives energy and has a beneficial effect on brain fog.
C. Green is intermediate between the two types above. It creates calmness and relaxation without being overly hypnotic. It is a good choice for beginners who have not built up a tolerance as it is milder than other types.

How to consume it: Start with a small amount of our organic and ethically collected kratom up to 3g and mix it in glass of warm water, tea or juice. Stir the mixture until it is smooth. You can add something acidic like lemon, in order to enhance the effect of the kratom alkaloids.
Some people do not like the taste of kratom. However, the health benefits can be acquired by the consumption of either kratom capsules or small gelly bites that can be swallowed whole. The recipe is provided in the section above.

100% PURE

We are a small group passionate for kratom, after going on a trip to Indonesia, on the island of Kalimantan or otherwise in the northern part of Borneo. There, after exploring the enchanting sites of the area, we decided to visit a farmer who cultivates Kratom trees. We learned everythihg about this herb and its  history, about how much it is connected to the everyday life of the locals as well as its uses and effects. It was then, that in a small local cafe in Jonggong we tried Kratom tea for the first time. We immediately realized the incredible potential of this herb and how positive it can be for the man of the Western world who is plagued by anxiety and depression. For the following years, we tried almost all the varieties, we singled out the responsible producers and learned about the problems of the industry. Thus, having gathered a wealth of experience, knowledge and contacts, we created this company. We import kratom directly from the producers of Kilimandan, conducting a thorough laboratory and quality control, aiming always for the satisfaction of the consumer by selling ethically collected organic kratom at the best prices. After carrying out thorough checks for heavy metals and pathogenic organisms, we make an additional quality separation so that only the best samples reach the consumer. We check the percentages of alkaloids, the specific weight, the color, the aroma and the taste gram by gram.
Enjoy our premium quality of Kratom!